Quick Stitch Banner Finishing Solutions

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Sewed Supplied

We will sew your digitally printed banner with any sewing style we offer. We request they are received cut, trimmed and ready to sew.

  • Allow 1-1/4" for hem
  • See our sewing styles listed below
  • Call today with details of your project, we are happy to help you understand our finishing options

Supplied Banner Sewing Prices

Hem and Grommets with Webbing, Pole Pockets
Hem and Grommet, No Webbing, No Twine

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Sewing Styles

Quick Stitch Banners offers a wide range of sewing styles to fit you and your customers’ needs and specifications.

All banners are sewn with white polymatic thread on our double lock stitch industrial sewing machines, which gives you durability and a professional appearance to your finished banner. Let our experienced staff know what product, color, finished size, quantity and direction; horizontal or vertical, you would need. All banners will be finished with #2 brass grommets. Nickel grommets are provided upon request. Most banners will ship out the same day the order is received. Black thread may be used, if requested, with a $10.00 color change fee.


  • Allow 1 ¼ hem to all sides.
  • No web: Double lock stitch
  • With web: 1” flat polywoven material which will give your banner added strength and durability.

Rope - Webbing Extended

  • Webbing sewn throughout banner and extended out of the corners for hanging or tying.


  • 1” welded ring attaches to the corners of the banner with white webbing.

Pole Pockets

Please specify the outside diameter of the pole.

  • ½” Pole
    1 ½” of extra material per pocket.
  • 1” Pole
    3” of extra material per pocket.
  • 1 ½ “ Pole
    4’ of extra material per pocket.
  • 2” Pole
    4 ¾” of extra material per pocket.
  • 2 ½” Pole
    5 ½” of extra material per pocket.
  • 3” Pole
    6 ½’ of extra material per pocket.

Pockets can be added to any or all sides, per specifications.


  • Gussets are reinforced triangles of banner material which are sewn into the back of each corner for added strength and durability.

Put Together

  • Extra Large Banners
  • Panels are sewn together first then the perimeter is sewn.
  • Digital Printed Banners
  • We will make every effort to match each panel’s graphics.
  • Please call our staff for special instructions before printing. We will explain our sewing specifications.


  • Can be sewn with or without pole pockets.


#2 Brass or Nickel. All Banners are produced with Brass grommets; Nickel upon request with standard grommet spacing. Let us know if you need special grommet placement.

Sew On Velcro

Hook or loop Velcro in black or white can be sewn onto the front or back side of the banner. Please specify.

Multi-Color Banner

Any color combo. Please provide dimension of each color and sewing style.

Cut Only

Raw edges not sewn. Please specify exact size needed.


We will make every effort to prevent damage to your supplied printed material, but cannot be responsible for damage during the sewing process, to print alignment on put together, mis-routed or lost from shipping carriers.