Quick Stitch Banner Finishing Solutions

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14 oz. Gloss Super Smooth Scrim Vinyl Banner Material

  • Super Smooth Surface
  • 14 oz. Gloss Finish
  • Ultra Smooth Lettering Surface

Sample Colors:

Fluor. Orange
Rich Red
Forest Green


Actual colors may vary due to different computer screen monitor settings.

*Note: Fluorescent Orange will fade faster than other colors.

Material Only Pricing:

Prices below are material only and do not include finishing.



Cut Yardage:

Price will be calculated per yard based on the width of the roll.

Per Roll Pricing:

Price will be calculated per yard based on a 30 & 40 yard roll. Full Rolls come in limited colors.

Note: 98" White roll is 30 yards.

Material & Labor Pricing:

Prices below include both the material and finished labor

Hem and Grommets with Webbing, Pole Pockets
Hem and Grommet, No Webbing, No Twine

Example Calculation:

4' x 6' Banner Size
24 Sq. Ft. x $170 = $40.80

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